Helping Business

We can help proactively protect your California business so you can focus on business operations instead of case law. Our firm helps businesses with all aspects of business management, including:

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Our attorneys are experienced in assisting cannabis businesses obtain licensing, open their doors, sell their products and services, ensure compliance, limit liability, and adhere to California’ s strict zoning and environmental requirements.

With extensive experience throughout California, Armada has helped clients obtain local and state permits in even the most challenging jurisdictions. Our team liaisons with the city and state agencies, so you can focus on building out and running your cannabis business. Cannabis permits and licenses are only valuable if they are kept in good standing. Once issued, you are responsible for maintaining full compliance with all local and state regulations, and Armada can assist in ensuring you are prepared to do that.

Although there are incredible opportunities to be had in this industry, there are also unique challenges posed by strict regulatory laws. Our team will help you navigate this ever-changing environment to allow your cannabis business to thrive.

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