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While recreational and medical marijuana may be legal in California, businesses involved in the cultivation and sale of cannabis products are still subjected to a significant amount of risk. When California cannabis businesses fail to comply with local, state, or federal regulations — either knowingly or unintentionally — they can face more than a total loss of their operating licenses and investments, but criminal prosecution. We can help proactively protect your California cannabis business and respond to any industry-related oversights or criminal charges that arise, so you can focus on business operations instead of case law. Our firm helps cannabis businesses with all aspects of business management, including:

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One of the primary ways an attorney can add value in a transaction is by planning for all types of contingencies. Having resolved many contract disputes as well as having drafted and reviewed many contracts, our firm can anticipate the full range of possible issues and create contractual language that accounts for these issues.

Armada can draft the customized terms of your agreement, arbitration or mediation clauses, attorneys’ fee clauses, and other clauses as necessary to protect and enforce your interests should a dispute arise. Every step we take in your transaction will be geared toward accomplishing your businesses’ objectives.