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Business Contracts

Every time a company enters into a contract, it is undertaking many obligations. We can help you create a contract that helps you get what you bargained for while keeping you out of the courtroom. By minimizing the risk of liability and litigation, your company can save time and money.

Going The Extra Mile To Understand And Protect Your Company

Every company is different. Ideally, your contract will reflect your company's way of doing business, its tolerance for risk and other unique factors. In addition, each contract should reflect, in clear language, each party's rights and responsibilities. While our law firm creates all kinds of complex legal agreements, at its core, our approach is simple. We work closely with our clients to comprehensively understand their needs. We then create documents that are tailored to those needs.

Our law firm drafts and reviews a broad spectrum of business contracts, including:

  • Independent contractor agreements 
  • Service provider agreements 
  • Buy/sell of business or business assets agreements 
  • Commercial leases 
  • Nondisclosure agreements 
  • Shareholders' agreements 
  • Partnership and joint ventures agreements 
  • Technology licenses 
  • Website disclaimers and terms of use agreements 

Planning For All Scenarios

One of the primary ways a lawyer can add value in a transaction is by planning for all types of contingencies. Having resolved many contract disputes as well as having drafted and reviewed many contracts, we can anticipate the full range of possible issues and create contractual language that accounts for these issues. We can draft the customized terms of your agreement, arbitration or mediation clauses, attorneys' fee clauses, and other clauses as necessary to protect and enforce your interests should a dispute arise. Every step we take in your transaction will be geared toward accomplishing your businesses' objectives at a minimal cost. 

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