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Our team, at Armada Law Corp, handles criminal defense matters and has a successful track record of favorable results. As trial attorneys, we are willing to fight for your rights and give you the personal attention you deserve. Armada Law Corp only takes on a limited number of cases to ensure that we have enough resources to focus all of the necessary energy, research and substantial trial skills to put you and your family in the best place possible to move forward with your lives and get over this unfortunate circumstance. Our collective satellite offices allow us to offer services to the entire San Francisco Bay Area as well as San Joaquin, Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Sutter, Yuba and Yolo Counties.

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Armada Law Corp understands that mistakes from the past should not hinder people from leading new and productive lives. Getting your criminal records cleared or sealed can give you the fresh start you need and deserve.

An expungement under California Penal Code 1203.4 PC allows you to withdraw a plea of guilty or no contest, to re enter a plea of not guilty, and to have the case dismissed.

At Armada Law Corp, assisting you in getting your criminal record cleared is quick and most importantly, inexpensive. Please call the office to find out about getting your criminal record cleared. This allows you to truthfully answer to non-governmental agencies that you have never been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor.


  1. Consultation - We determine if you qualify for an expungement
  2. Collect information on past convictions
  3. We prepare a motion to be filed with the court
  4. Set a hearing before a judge
  5. Petition the judge to reduce, dismiss and/or seal your recor

Having a skilled attorney who knows the law in this area will help counter any objection by the prosecutor and show the court that the expungement is justified. In most cases, an expungement will be granted by the judge.

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Undergoing an injury can be painful and difficult for anyone. However, when your suffering is caused by someone else's negligence, thoughtlessness, or disregard for human life, the situation becomes even worse.

Whether you have been wrongfully injured in a bicycle collision with a distracted driver or slipped and fell over broken tile that the landlord refused to fix, you deserve to have justice for the agony you've suffered.

In many circumstances, the costs of medical bills alone will be exorbitant, and this does not even include any lost salary or dismissal from your job that might come from being forced to take time off.

At Armada Law Corp we are a dedicated group of highly skilled professionals, focused on the representation of the seriously injured. We are aggressive, accomplished and well respected in the legal community. We guide our clients through the legal and financial challenges they encounter on their way to recovery from their accidents and we achieve results. Our attorneys can help you in these serious injury cases:

When you or a loved one has faced horrible injuries and suffering from an automobile collision, starting a personal injury case may be the last thing on your mind. You might even believe that fighting a legal battle for compensation will bring more stress.

On this account, many victims of car crashes just resign themselves to the first offer they receive from insurance companies so they can move on. The problem is that this amount is usually a drop in the bucket when it comes to paying all the medical bills and future care and therapy you might need, let alone the costs of lost wages or potential unemployment. Don't be victimized again!


When it comes to establishing liability, California has many intricate, complex laws. For example, there are different statutes of limitations for filing a claim, depending on whether you were only filing for damaged property as opposed to filing for a personal injury.

Moreover, depending on who was carrying insurance, and the percentage of fault held by each party, the compensation could be awarded differently. This is why it is essential to have an experienced lawyer who can establish your right to financial support for your trauma.


The thought of getting embroiled in a major battle with the negligent perpetrators or slippery insurance companies can bring great anxiety, when you should be trying to rest and recuperate from your wreck. The key thing to remember, however, is that you are not facing these giants on your own. At Armada Law Corp we are dedicated to supporting you in even the most complicated of cases. Our California car accident law firm has the experience it takes to powerfully represent your cause.

If you have suffered from an automobile collision, Armada Law Corp is here to offer support and advise you through the litigation process. Call (510) 200-8695 for your free consultation today.

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