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Consulting Services & Limited Scope Representation

At Armada Law Corp, we are sensitive to all challenges that you may be facing in your family law matter, including financial concerns. As an alternative to the more traditional full-scope representation, we also provide consulting services and limited-scope representation. 

Consulting services allow us to provide as much guidance as you feel you need, while you remain in control of your case. Depending on your case, we can negotiate on your behalf, provide legal advice, or draft or review critical court filings. We will work with you to clearly define our services, and can advise you how to handle those matters outside our scope. Hiring a consulting attorney can save on attorney's fees and assures that you can utilize our advocacy services only when you feel you need it. 

With limited scope representation, we can assist you with identified issues impeding settlement or attend a specific court hearing to support you with more difficult aspects of your case. If at any time you decide you would like more traditional, full-scope representation, we can easily transition your matter. 

As our mission is focused on making legal services accessible to as many people as possible, we also offer a competitive and limited retainer agreement for our consulting and limited scope services. Many people take comfort in knowing they are in control of their legal fees as a safe approach to the unknown, allowing them to make progress in their matter in a way that is financially feasible.

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