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Slip and Fall

While slipping and falling may be portrayed humorously on television cartoons, it is no laughing matter. These kinds of accidents are some of the most common in the United States, with over 9 million people injured every year due to this terrible scenario. Falls can lead to minor scrapes and bruises, but can also create much deeper issues, from lacerations to bone fractures to spinal cord damage. In some cases, they may even prove to be fatal.

When someone has been negligent in taking proper care of their property in a manner that led to your fall accident, it is essential to get the devoted advocacy of the Armada Law Corp slip and fall team as soon as possible. Many law firms avoid representing these kinds of cases since they can be more complicated, but at Armada Law Corp we are dedicated to representing your needs in court, no matter the injury or venue.

Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

When it comes to determining liability, insurance companies will often try to shift the blame onto you, so they do not have to compensate you for your personal injuries. This is why it is important to prove that your injury came directly from someone else's negligence and why you should hire a competent and experienced law firm as soon as possible.

Just a few of the common risks which might lead to an accident from a slip and fall include:

  • Floors that have been recently waxed or vacuumed
  • Uneven or loose tile or floorboards
  • Mats, rugs, and carpets that have come loose
  • Unattended potholes
  • Liquid spills
  • Unsalted ice (rare in SoCal!)
  • Broken or absent handrails
  • Absence of warning signs for dangerous conditions
  • Poor lighting in dim areas
  • Cracks in the street, sidewalk, or area where pedestrians frequent

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